Scooter and a trash can

Okay this was funny.   The neighbors  to our right have a very long driveway since their house sits waaaaaay in the back. The 4 llamas were sitting, not standing,  in the field next to each other facing their driveway. I’m always watching them out the window to make sure everyone is behaving themselves and for amusement…you never know when they’re going to put on a show! Today it was show time!
I could see that they were looking at something, so of course I go out and hide behind the Jeep in my red puppy dog robe.  I want to see if it’s  the gentleman with his fluff balls in the matching purple sweaters, the jogger in pink or something else I need to worry or laugh about.  Well, today it was our neighbor waaaaay behind us. They have some kind of scooter thingy that he stands on. He puts his can on the front, stands behind it and down the driveway he goes! The llamas are curious little buggers and watched him going down the driveway on his scooter with his garbage container! It was so funny! All four heads moving from right to left  watching a man and his trash can on a scooter! I swear I’m going to get cameras put up all around this farm! Four llamas…a man on his scooter with a trash can and me in a red puppy dog robe with minion slippers outside couching behind a Jeep peeking my head around it watching llamas watch the guy on his contraption!


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