Dances with pigs

Oh my gosh, I almost made a spectacle of myself in public! Remi was waaaaaay in the back field so I called her while standing in the front pasture, by the road, in daylight, in the middle of the day. She was happy to see me standing there with a cup of grain in my hand and came running as fast as her short, stubby little legs (that I still cant figure out how they support her weight) could go with her tail wagging, making snorting and grunting sounds that only a pig could make.  So, to show her how much I was happy to see her too. I did a little jig with my arms outstretched singing out her name. I was about 30 seconds into my farm dance when I realized, ‘hey! I’m outside…by the road’!! I stopped and quickly looked around to see if there was a traffic jam in front of the house with stopped cars and folks filming the crazy farmer lady who dances with pigs! Thank goodness nobody was there!
Remi caught up to me, nudged my leg with her piggy snout, looking up at me with adoring, I-love-you-so-much eyes…OR she was gazing at the cup of grain, daydreaming about golden pieces of food falling into her open mouth in slow motion!


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