Going to the dentist

Its kinda embarrassing when you go to the dentist, sit in their spotless, squeaky clean, sterlie room, sit in the torture chair, look at all the devices that your praying against, just to notice that you have pieces of hay all over your sweater and a dirt spot on your jeans in the shape of Remi’s nose. I apologized to the very nice, younger than my children, assistance for now contaminating their germ free room as I crossed my legs so the pigs nose print was hidden. She laughed it off while vigorously rubbing her hands in half a bottle of germ-x. Thank goodness they all know that when they finally get me out the door so they can re-sterilize the room that makes people tremble in fear, that I always leave part of our farm with them whether its hay, straw, llama hair, or barn mud…and they don’t seem to mind!


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