Llamas scaring the guest

I sometimes forget that our llamas can be a bit intimidating to folks who have never been around large animals. I had a lady come by recently to drop something off, and she went around to the back porch. Well, all the llamas were out grazing in the yard, chilling out, when they saw her come around the corner. Our llamas are smarter than the average bear…they have learned over the years that humans they don’t recognize, usually means that extra treats are coming their way! So all four galloped to the porch, surrounding her in 5.9 seconds. By the time I caught up with her, she was plastered to the siding, her arms outstretched with a horrified look, a silent scream was escaping out of her open mouth! Sweetie, our non shy-much to friendly-llama, had her face an inch away from the terrified woman! She turned her head, squeezed her eyes closed and waited for the attack! I calmy said to Sweetie, “now, now…remember I told you no eating the guest”, trying to be funny. The nice lady, opened one eye to look at me trying to figure out if she should, laugh, cry, or scream! I then realized that she really was freaking out so I pushed four large animals who had her surrounded, away so she could relax and move off the wall. I apologized and asked her if she wanted to feed them some grain…you know, so she wouldn’t be terrified anymore of a 250lb, 7 foot tall animal that likes to spit! She kindly glared at me, but was polite and said “NO thank you, I really have to go” then half ran towards the gate which was a mistake on her part. Dunkay was out, so he ran with her because he thought it was play time! Oh my camera! I needed my camera! A terrified lady waving her arms behind her back to keep the donkey away as she ran towards the gate while I yelled at Dunkay to stop! I don’t think she’ll be back…heck, she probably unfriended me before she started her truck!!


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