The cars that slow down.

Today I’ve been putzing around in the barn, pastures, yard…cleaning up, rearranging…you know, farm stuff. I always make sure Dunkay and the llamas know that I am always watching them by pointing two fingers at my eyes then pointing towards them. Its a weird habit I developed almost 9 years ago. Well, I noticed that I am now doing it to Remi, more than Dunkay! I always wonder if folks think I’m weird when they drive by and see me doing my ‘I’m watching you so NO funny business’ gesture to all animals that are within eye site. Once in awhile, they see me doing my gesture as I stomp my feet in frustration! I just can hear in my head the type of conversations going on inside the cars slowly driving by.

Person one: “oh look honey the animals are out by the road.”
Person two: “yeah they are, slow down so we can see them!”
Person one: “oh goody! The crazy lady is out there with them! Maybe she’ll do something weird again!”
Person two: “oh I hope so! Remember when she was chasing that pig around as the donkey followed her?”
Person one and two are now laughing.
Person one: “hey kids, look up, its that funny farm again!”
Two little faces are plastered to the glass.
Kids in unison: “slow down! We see that funny lady running towards the barn! Oh look the donkey is running too!”
Person two: “Yes! She’s out! STOP the car! Where’s my phone?! I gotta film her!”

Yep…that’s how I picture conversations going on in the cars that are crawling past the farm! I think we’ve made more necks strain sideways and backwards than our hens have laid eggs!


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