Dunkay and the gate

I need camera’s all around this farm. I walked the pastures today picking up trash and twine from the hay bales. How 2000 strings get out there is beyond me! Do the animals pick up the twine and carry it out? Any who…I was in the back pasture picking up twine happy that Dunkay had stopped following me, it’s kind of hard to find string with a donkey 3 steps behind me trying to chew on everything I’m carrying. So I’m in the back field picking up trash, when I hear the metal gate clinking with the chain that’s wrapped around it. I can hear it banging against the metal. I straightened up, rolled my eyes knowing that the donkey is doing something I don’t want to see or know about, but my curiosity got the best of me so I turned around. There he was, half way through the gate with the chain wrapped around his neck, back and front legs (no he wasn’t in danger) throwing his head back playing with the chain. I pointed my finger at him, stomped my feet in the boots with little pink horses on it, and yelled at him to stop it!

He stopped for about 5.8 seconds. He then went back to playing with the chain. I stared at him wondering if I should ignore him and hope he doesn’t knock the gate down or walk over there, grab the chain away from the donkey and risk playing tug of war with him. I decided to leave him alone and whisper the ‘why me’ prayer, that’s when I noticed that Dillon the old goat was standing next to me watching the show. I patted him on the head and thanked him for being a good boy. He baaaaaa’d at me as Dunkay threw the chain down and trotted away out of boredom.


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