Well…it’s rooster season. The snow and ice is gone, the temp is now above the freezing mark and Mr Rooster has been cooped up all winter being hen pecked by the girls! He is more than ready to get away from the chicken house and stretch his wings, practice on his loud annoying cock-a-dooooodle-doooooo under my window and wake up all of God’s creatures big and small before daybreak and after dusk. He doesn’t crow in the daylight…noooooooo…not OUR rooster. He starts when the very last bit of sun is out of the sky and he stops right before that sun ray stretches over the horizon in the morning. He starts his screeching in the barn and finishes it under my bedroom window with his famous grand finale…the loudest, scariest, twilight zone sound ever to come out of a birds beak. He won’t stop the horror movie sound until he sees me through the window curtains shaking my fist at him, watching my mouth move in an angry way! Mr Rooster then knows that the reason for his being on earth is now done. He shakes his feathers, puffs out his chest and struts back to the coop, head held high, proud of himself as all the animals angrily glare at him for keeping them awake all night! I think I’m going to polish and sharpen Mr Axe and lean it against the house to remind Mr Rooster that the humans rules and he drools…without a head if he doesn’t shut up!

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