Theres a study that came out suggesting that women age 53 and older should never wear jeans again! Yeah right. I don’t think so. Me wearing nice pants to the barn. I can just see it…I walk into the barn wearing nice pants…the animals stop what they’re doing (like pushing each other out of the warm spot, eating, spitting at ‘that creature’, rubbing their butts on the barn door, eating) they look at me, then at each other…they stampede out the door because in their eyes, the mama is looking weird, which means she’s going to do something that they either 1: hate…2: don’t agree with, 3: let ‘that creature’ out of her pen who they can’t stand, 4: catch them, or 5: not feed them! Of course, ‘that creature’ Remi Doodles won’t care! She will still be grunting, snorting and dancing around her pen being a happy little pig cause mama is going to feed her!
Therefore, this old farm lady will not be retiring her jeans!


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