Farm talk!

This is so funny. This is an actual conversation that chad and I had today!


me: did you feed your pig?

chad: I keep telling you, it’s not MY pig!

me: whatever. Did you feed MY pig?

chad: I haven’t been out to the barn, so no dear, I didn’t feed YOUR pig.

Me: well…are you going to feed her?

chad: why can’t you go out there?

Me: I’m not on barn duty today

Chad: seriously? Your not going out there?!

me: why should I?! Your here! Feed the pig!

chad: our lives are being run by a stupid pig!

Me: just feed her, she’s probably mad by now!

chad: I don’t care if she’s mad…she’s a pig!

me: oh honey, you know they all love you out there

Chad: your not funny

Me: oh, I’m funny…I write about you all the time and they (you all) think I’m funny!

Chad: growling noises


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