Love us or hate us

Well, its always interesting at the farm. Most folks love us but I think there are a few who would rather avoid us at all cost…like the mailman, joggers, families going for bike rides, or folks who want to walk their pooches down a nice, quiet, picturesque country road. Saturday was one of those days for our neighbors, the mail lady, walkers, and joggers. It started with the mail lady who use to like us. I was in the barn scolding the pig for wrecking Super Farmers latest attempt to keep her in as Laci and Dunkay stood there smirking, enjoying the pigs lecture, when I hear Biscuit barking away. I know that bark, it means somebody has arrived and is either at the gate waiting to see if the 90 lb pit is going to lick them or attack. Or it was somebody brave enough to walk through and is now being licked to death. Our mail lady came through the gate, up the walk and made it to the door with a package when Biscuit figured out that there was a new human to become friends with. Of course, like most dogs, they run to the new potential ‘salt block’ barking out a greeting. Biscuit is big, powerful and has a deep scary bark. So by the time I got out of the barn, I could see the mail lady had herself safely between the glass door and the front door as Biscuit sat in front barking and wagging his tail. I ran up to her apologizing, told her he’s like most males, all talk and no action…she wouldn’t come out of her safe zone until I had his collar firmly in my hand. She nervously laughed and explained how her son’s have Pits but you never know about other peoples. I totally understand. She gave Bisk a pat, he gave her a lick and she quickly went out the gate. As soon as she drove away, Biscuit squirmed out of my hand and ran to the fence barking like a mad dog again. There was a young lady all in pink jogging towards the farm. He ran to the fence, she crossed over to the other side, he followed her down the fence line, she picked up the pace to a run, I yelled sorry, she ran faster. I called the big black terror back to me to go in the house when he took off again. The older gentleman with the two fluff balls in matching purple coats was walking by again…you would think that after 5 years, he would know that walking past our farm is NOT a pleasant road to excerise your little fluff balls! Biscuit barked, they bark back as he struggles to keep them from winding the leash around his legs. Of course the alpaca looks up then yells out his warning call, which he does every time he spots a dog (or pig) he doesn’t recognize or like (the pig), the donkey hee haws at all the commotion, and Nancy is yelling at everyone to shut up. After the fluff balls got out of sight, all animals big and small at the farm settled down and went back harassing each other. I then asked God to please not let anyone else jog by, walk past or stop over!


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