Fun with mother part 1

Fun with mother

I picked up my mom the other day because her back was hurting and she wanted to go shopping. I helped her get bundled up, and got her safely into the Jeep without falling or having our feet freeze to the ground before we got there…she walks slow…really slow.
We get in the Jeep, I turn to face her and ask where would she would like to go on this below zero wind chill day (I’m hoping she suggest someplace that has close parking to the door), she looks deeply into my eyes thinking…I’m tapping the steering wheel waiting. She lites up and says with enthusiasm, “I know, lets go somewhere differnt, someplace exciting”! Now I perk up and get excited! Oh boy, a fun trip with my mom! What great adventure awaits us? I can hardly contain myself! I say, “hey that sounds like fun! Where to mommy!?” She gleefully looks at me, puts her fist in the air, and yells out, “Krogers”!! Huh? I do a cartoon head shake complete with noise, and ask, “come again”? She happily says, “Krogers! I haven’t been to Kroger in ages, I love Krogers! Don’t you honey”? I can feel my adventure spirit deflate as I sorta listen to her go on and on about Krogers. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the store, I fill my gas tank up there every week and I like to stand in front of their freshly made doughnuts and drool. But I thought we were going somewhere different, exciting, adventurous! I backed the Jeep out of her driveway as she is still going on and on about how she just loves the place…me, I’m not that thrilled…I was just there. I gotta tell you…I was wrong…it was an adventure! She had to use the scooter for the first time because her back hurt!
Part two coming up!


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