Fun with mother part 2

Fun with mother part 2

I got mother into the store without falling and asked her if she wanted to use the scooter because her back was hurting. She looked the machine up and down and said to me, “no, those things are for old people who can’t walk”. Really? She’s 84 and can barely walk because her back is aching! I tried to convince her that she needs to use it…if she doesn’t, her back pain will be worse after we’re done. She was not going to use it, she can walk just fine as long as she has her cane and a cart! I shrugged my shoulders, got her a cart and away we went to have an adventure at Krogers! We got down the first isle by the bread when she stopped, looked at me with annoyance and whispered, “I need that darn scooter”. I rubbed it in a bit, and said,”I told you mom, you just have to act old sometimes and use the scooter”! Then she proceeds to tell me that she can’t walk back to it, I have to get it for her. Whaaaat?! I’m now looking at her with annoyance! She kinda flips her wrist at me and says,”go along now and get that thing”. I sharply turn on my heel and head back to the front of the store to ride a scooter back to my mother. I’m not happy…the place is jammed pack with folks, I can tell that most of them recognize me by the way they’re smiling at me. I get on the contraption and head back towards mother. I nod my head at a few folks as they look at me with a worried expression. I go to the spot where I left my mom and is she there? Nooooooo! She can’t get far, she walks slower than a snail plus her back hurts! I go around the corner, no mother. I backed it up which makes it beep loudly so everyone has to turn around to look and step aside. I go down another isle and find her using her cane to get a box of rice down from the top shelf. She gets more boxes than she wants and I have to pick them up. I get her settled on the scooter and explain how to use it. She says she understands and takes off like a bat out of hell and runs into a display that of course knocks down more boxes that I have to pick up! She backs up and beeps and gets stuck sideways. Really? Stuck? How can you get stuck?! She angrily says” what is wrong with this thing”?! I’m trying to explain to her again how to make it go forward, how to stop, and please stop backing up! I wish I wasn’t so frustrated because I needed to film what she did next!! She got the thing straightened out and then drove it like she was learning how to drive a 1950s car with a clutch! She bunny hopped that scooter throughout the whole store as her cane stuck out the front warning people to move out of the way. Well, I guess I got my adventure! I was never so glad to leave a place as I was that day at Krogers!


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