Country gal

You know, I kind of feel sorry for city folk. When they go out, they step into a concrete world with buildings so tall they block the sun and blue skies. They push their way through hundreds of people who have their faces downward, texting or reading their phones that seem plastered to their hands. Nobody makes eye contact, the only words spoken are things like, “watch it, move, I’m in a hurry, stop that bus, I was here first”! They weave in and out through bodies with distint hearts, they step over and ignore their fellow human beings who sit or lay with empty stomachs that are in their path. The only sounds they hear is the non stop honking of horns, words that are disrespectful, sirens in the far background, constant construction banging. A lonely world with millions people in the same place. Now, us country folks…we love to be outside! As soon as I step out that back door, I take in the fresh air. I need to squint my eyes because of the bright sunshine. I stop for a few seconds to listen to the song birds that greet me, they are cheerfully chirping in the huge oak tree, leaves rustling in the wind. I can hear the ‘hee-haw’ of Dunkay because he just spotted me. I walk through green grass into an open field surrounded by colorful trees! Hundreds of Queen Anns Lace swaying in a gentle breeze, monarch butterflies flutter past me to get to them. Instead of pushing my way through people who don’t care about me, I go through llamas who come to greet me, and maneuver around a goat who seems to enjoy my company, I walk around a fat mini horse and even fatter donkey who perk up when they get sight of me! I’m always greeted by a potbelly pig who wags her tail in excitement, along with the sounds of her snorting, the turkeys chirping, the rooster crowing good morning, the barn kitties meowing as they rub their affection on my legs! I’m blessed by the smell of freshly cut hay instead of exhaust fumes. After working in the barn and being with animals, I can walk the property with my loyal Pit as the llamas follow along inside the fence, taking in the beauty that God created for His peoples enjoyment. At night, instead of looking out of a high rise window to see thousands of other windows, I can gaze up into the skies and marvel at the millions of stars that were hand placed by my creator. I go to bed at night with the man I love, the dog who protects me, knowing that I have a herd of mixed fur babies a few feet away from the house who will greet me in the morning, happy to see me!
Yep, I love the farm life and all the hard work that goes along with it. Millons of folks love the big city, but gosh, it just seems like so many miss out on so much. I’m blessed to be a country gal…I wouldn’t give this up for anything. My daddy was born and raised on a little farm in KS, so it comes to me naturally. Its in my blood, and forever in my heart!


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