The farmer look!

I had to run to the store so I put on my coat and was headed for the door when I caught a glimpse of myself in the big mirror. I stopped and took a good look. I was not happy! I’ve been in the barn most of the day spending time with llamas, a pig, a couple of clingy turkeys, and an old goat. I had on my tall boots with the pink horses on them, my blue jeans have a mud stain on one knee, there’s pieces of hay in my hair and stuck on my green hoodie (that has a pic of a Jeep and a Chihuahua in the driver seat), and to top it off, I have on my much loved, worn out Addie Acres (with the llama head), jean coat that I’ve been wearing for years. I also noticed that there’s a familiar smell surrounding me too. Really Nancy? You have to out in public not only looking like a farmer, but smelling like one to?? I brushed off the hay and said to myself, ‘the heck with it, I am who I am. One who runs with pigs, and llamas, and horses, and a donkey, and goats, and turkeys’!

ps…I really did RUN with Remi Doodles today…I’ll write about it later 😂


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