The pushing game

And want fun fact did I learn today on the farm? It is almost impossible to take pics of ice around the barn with a goat! Dillon followed me baaaaaaaing, putting his nose in all my ‘pic shots’ and tried to eat the camera! All his noise made the other animals curious about why mom was kneeling next to the barn as she shoved their ‘brother’ away, again, and again, and again. That made Dunkey come closer, he then started pushing me from behind with his nose until I started the shoving game with him, using my right hand clutching Lil Red as I kept up the non-stop push with my left hand on the goat! I looked like a teeter-totter with both arms extended…one up, one down, pushing a donkey and a small goat. The llamas stood in a semi circle behind me watching the show. And where was Laci the mini-tank? She was watching with her head sticking out the barn door because she doesn’t like to walk, trot, gallop, run…you get it. Needlees to say, there will be NO ice pics from around the barn!


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