Darn animals! I went out to feed the natives and noticed that I was missing one after a head count (which can take an hour if they’re moving around). So I walked all three pastures in the blowing snow looking, searching, calling out. Nothing. I checked the gates, looked for new holes in the fence, searched under the hay bales (you just never know with our animals), behind the barn, in the trees….everywhere! I run back to the barn to do another head count…yep still missing one! Its Laci our fat mini-tank horse. How can she be missing? All she does is eat and stand. She doesn’t like to walk, trot, run, gallop, step aside, turn around or move. Where is that horse?! I was getting ready to call animal control, the sheriff’s dept, the Boy Scouts, when I decided to go to the pen where everyone is huddled one more time. I look between the llamas, under the donkey who is hee-hawing at me because he thinks I came back to feed him again, and I see Laci laying by the door. She is not moving! I start to freak out because I’m convinced she’s dead! I fling open the gate, I push the llamas out of my way, I tell Dunkay to move it or lose it, and I fall on Laci who jumps up in fear and confusion! I fall backwards, the donkey hee haws louder and the llamas are spitting at each other to get out the door first before this crazy farm lady falls on them too! I brush myself off, Laci gives me the evil eye for disturbing her nap, Dunkay is checking my pockets for treats, the llamas are running around the pasture still spitting at each other, and Dillon the old goat thought he would plant himself in front of me and BAAAAAAAA! That’s it, I’m not doing barn chores for the rest of the year!


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