Smart Pig!

Remi Doodles is now even with Super Farmer! Yep, she got out again. I swear I’m going to invest in body cams. Not only was she out, but she knows Chads tricks. Two nights ago when she escaped, he put grain on top of the hay bale next to her gate. When she got on top to eat, he sorta pushed her back inside her pen. Well, last night she wouldn’t fall for that sneaky trick. Chad put the tasty pig food on the bale, he stepped away, waited for miss piggy to jump up and gobble it down. When she was gobbling it up, he took a step towards her to give a friendly push back inside her home, she turned around real quick and they had a stand off! A potbelly pig and chad in his suit and tie, dress shoes and nice coat…having a stand off in the middle of the barn! She is smarter than the average bear and has learned all of Super Farmers tricks! Chad had to come up with a new plan within 4.7 seconds. So he took a cup of sweet grain to lure her through the gate. You would think that after 8 years of these animals, he would know that that is always a mistake! Whenever you hold a white McDonald’s cup, every animal inside, including the turkeys, knows what he is holding and they all want it, NOW! Even the fur babies who aren’t looking, know that there’s a cup of sweet grain close by! So…Chad, dressed up…dirty animals…and one McDonald’s cup filled with tasty kibbles…in the middle of the barn. There’s a circle of fur around the human holding the prize, and every one of those critters, including the ones who flap…are going to pounce, shove, spit, grunt and get that grain out of his hands and into their tummies before it even hits the ground! But wait! It gets better! As they were closing in, the torpedo came through like a bowling ball and squealed as she chased the horse and donkey out of the barn, she then butted poor Dillon and stared at the turkeys with an ‘I dare you look’!! The llamas can’t stand her and backed away into one corner. Now its him…her…and the McDonald’s cup with the golden arches beaming at that pig to come get it! Chad backed up slowly, the pig taking a step with every one of his. He went into her pen holding the golden arches in front of him, inches away from her snorting nose…Remi following as she drooled. Chad poured the nummies inside her bowl, she pounced, he ran, she gobbled, he ran, she snorted, he ran then slammed the gate closed and did a high five with Dunkays ear!
I bet she’s out this morning and that she has the llamas backed up in a corner just for the fun of it!


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