Human tornado!

Most of the time I enjoy sharing my home with furry, four legged critters. At 3 am, I do not! Once in awhile I have to get up and use the powder room. Biscuit sleeps next to the bed snuggled under the blankets that I tuck him into (yes, I cover him up every night then kiss his nose) in his comfy bed. Chippie sleeps on the bed, under the covers of course, and the cats keep a nightly virgil at the door…on the other side, they are not allowed to sleep with us. Around 3am, I had to get up. No matter how quiet I try to be, the dogs hear me and are up dancing around before I get both eyes opened. I slowly walk to the door because one…I’m not fully awake, and two…I have a whirlwind of fur going around and around my legs as I move. Its like I’m a human tornado and they’re the debri that swirls around! As soon as I open the door, my debri cloud picks up two more furry bodies who lay in front of the bedroom door every night. Now I have four animals swirling around me along with new sounds of panting, growling, meowing, bangs, screeches, barks, and the words “NO! STOP IT! MOVE! GET AWAY FROM ME!” The human tornado with the swirling fur finally makes it to the privacy room only to find its locked! Whaaat? Chad is in there! While I was fighting to get out of the bedroom with my animal cloud, he actually got up, somehow got past us without me knowing, and got in there first! I stood there with 2 cats on my right, two dogs on my left (one was growling at the kitties) banging on the door in frustration that I’m the one those animals pick to swirl around, not him. Chad opened the door and all four of those critters ran inside…straight to the potty, surrounding it, waiting for mommy. I closed the door on them and went downstairs to have some peace! Sheesh!!


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