Possum? Cat?

This is great. Super Farmer went out last night to feed OUR pig and check the llamas. He saw a grey furry animal eating out of the cat food bowl. He thought to himself, ‘oh, it’s boy kitty’! So he reached out to pet our barn cat because he’s the nicest feline out there. He got about an inch away from rubbing his fuzzy little head when the ‘cat’ turned around and hissed at him. It was a big ol possum! Chad jumped back and the possum just sat there staring at Chad, daring him to try that little trick again. They had a stare down. The possum got bored with chad, turned around and went back to eating. Those possums are getting brazen out there. So far Super Farmer has caught two cats and one hen in his possum trap. Hopefully he caught the critter last night and not another kitty. Mr possum needs to GO!


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