The Pig Remi Doodles Wins Again!

Oh the joy! Guess who’s up one again! Uh huh…that’s right! REMI DOODLES! I’m going to write Chad’s fun experience as close to what he told it to me. I hope I don’t leave anything out. I was laughing as he put his torpedo story together for me.

Super Farmer’s words…

I had a 50lb bag of stratch grain over my shoulder and pulling a cooler spilling over with water behind me. When I got to the barn door, I couldn’t get in because that darn pig was standing in the entrance snorting and grunting at me! I dropped the grain and my mouth at the same time! I swear that pig smiled at me. She turned around, trotted under Dunkay and stood by her gate, proudly showing me her new escape hole. I momentarily forgot where I was because I put the grain down right in front of the horse, donkey and goat who pounced upon it trying to tear it open! So I grabbed the bag and played tug of war with the three starving animals as the pig ran in circles around us. I got the bag and tried to dump it in the bin when I heard a commotion behind me. The pig and the goat were pushing each other with their heads. Back and forth over Remi’s food bowl. I broke up the barn fight and proceeded to pour out the rest of the grain when I heard that pig squealing behind me! She tried to follow me over the short fence, got her legs stuck in the little metal squares, and teeter-tottered on the fence with her snout buried under the hay bale on the opposite side. She couldn’t back up or go forward. I had to pick her up which made her LOUD and angry. Her squealing, well like a stuck pig, made Lincoln our alpaca scream out his warning cry and the llama’s cower in the corner of their pen.
There’s more to the story, but I couldn’t hear it because I was laughing too hard!!!


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