Super Famer wins a battle!

Well, Remi is a mad little pig! Mad, mad, mad! Chad has her gate loaded down with two wood pallets, a bunny cage, 50 lb hay bales, and items that I’m not sure what they’re used for anymore! He has it wired, stuffed, roped, bungee cord, has junk on it, next to it…under, on top…everywhere! Took him an hour to ‘fix’ her gate! Remi watched daddy in amusement, looking for any mistake he might make…big or small. She studied, he worked. He got all done, noticed that he was stuck inside the pen with the pig and had to crawl over the fence, which at his age is no easy feat! He stood on the other side and watched his little girl go up to the gate, looked it up and down, winked at Super Farmer as in, ‘I got this bud’… then went to work! She pushed, shoved chewed, grunted, kicked and worked that gate until she could move no more! Chad stood there proudly watching that poor little pig knowing he won a battle. He went to give her an ‘I’m sorry’ pat on the head and she madly grunted, refusing to let him touch her. The war is not over…I’m still betting on the pig!


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