The pig Remi Doodles rules the farm!

Well, the cold snap doesn’t seem to be bothering the animals. We went out to feed the natives and to make sure the torpedo (Remi Doodles) was still snorting, only to find that she had escaped her pen…again. Dunkay was hee hawing, Laci was nipping at her to stay away, the llamas were running in circles in a panic, both of the turkeys were flapping and trying to peck at her as she trotted past them, and the barn kitties were bouncing up and down out of her way like jumping beans. Did the stubby little pig care? Nope! She was running back and forth, in between, and around the large animals oinking as her curly tail wagged in excitement. Its like she knows that she upsets every animal and bird who lives on this farm and she loves it! She is queen Remi, the torpedo…who rules the barn with a snort and a grunt! I can’t wait to see how she runs the pasture this summer. Who knew pigs were so much fun?


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