Fun with mother!

Fun with mother.

My mother is always an adventure.
Her car was at Dave’s Auto (the BEST in town) and we went to pick it up yesterday. As we drove in, there was a red car that looked exactly like hers covered in snow…about 7″ worth. She automatically got flustered and started in about how they should have cleaned off her car and got it ready for her. I drove her up to the door, helped her out of my jeep, opened the shop door for her, then waited, and waited. Well, my mother walks slower than a snail and by the time she got in, I had tiny ice balls forming on my jacket, boots, gloves, and face. She sat inside the office and proceeded to tell the nice lady that they should’ve cleaned off her car after spending millions at their car shop. I tried to calm her down by offering to clean off her buried car as she pounded the floor with her cane in rythem of her complaints. I rolled my eyes, braced myself for the cold, and walked down the long icey lane to the red car that looked like a snow drift. I started to clean it off as new ice balls formed on my old ice balls. Half way through, I noticed that it wasn’t my mothers car! I looked inside the now cleaned off car and saw that it belonged to someone else! Really? I just spent half my day shoving snow off of someone else’s car? I quickly walked back to the office where my mother was still banging her cane as the super nice lady nodded her head in agreement. I interrupted my mom and told her that the now unburied car wasn’t hers after all. Her car is right outside the garage door, cleaned, engine running, ready to go. She blinked at me a few times, changed her tune and happily said thank you to the nice lady who looked relieved that my mother is now leaving. I on the other hand, was now grumpy, wet, and missing a sunset!


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