Texting farm style

Ever wonder what those wacky llama farmers text back and forth to each other on a daily basis? Wonder no more…

N to C: your pig is out again
C to N: she’s not my pig, she’s yours
N to C: she’s ours and she’s out
C to N: so?
N to C: so put her back in, I already chased her twice today
C to N: I’m not even home! YOU put her back!!
N to C: I’m cooking YOU dinner and I’m not going back out…its cold
C to N: gosh darn it, I’m assuming the llamas are hungry too?
N to C: I fed everyone already, its just your pig that needs to go to bed!
C to N: she’s not my pig, she’s yours!

Yep…that’s how we lovingly text back and forth. By the way, Super Farmer went straight to the barn in his suit and tie with dress shoes and chased HIS pig back into her pen. I’m sure she’s out already. 😊


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