Can pigs fly?

Our potbelly pig, Remi Doodles, now has a new nickname…torpedo! I went out to the barn to feed her, and she was buried under her straw and blankets. As soon as her little piggy ears heard me, she shot out from under her warm, cozy nest so fast that her straw looked like a bomb exploded! Straw, feathers, and fuzz were flying everywhere! I think I saw a barn kitty fly through the air too. She ran to the gate snorting, tail wagging, and jumped on top of the bale of straw we have inside her pen to help keep the wind off of her. I didn’t know pigs could jump, especially fat little stubby ones! I thought she would crash through the gate and into me so I braced myself by closing my eyes and putting my hands out. I heard her bumb into the gate…it held! I didn’t have to fall in the dirty barn straw and rumble with a pig! We both shook our heads at the same time, me out of ‘oh brother’, her from being knocked silly. She recovered in 1.1 seconds. She stood there on the yellow bale grunting, wagging her tail, while waiting for me to feed her, as her tiny pig legs went up and down in excitement.

I’m going to try to get it on film…its so funny!


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