Candy canes and large animals!

Chad put on his Santa hat and took out a candy cane for each of the barn animals because they were behaving. I waited at the gate because I knew better, I’ve tried this being nice to large animals only once. They were being pretty good until they saw the candy canes in his hand. They all stopped what they were doing, looked at each other, then looked back at the candy. They hung their heads low, some were scratching the dirt with their hooves, spit wading up inside furry cheeks, then BAM! All heck broke loose! The stampede​ was galloping towards Super Farmer. Dunkay pushed all the other animals out of the way to get to the treats first…everybody’s treat. Chad stood his ground and put a hand out yelling, ” STOOOOOOOOP”!. They didn’t. Within 2.1 seconds, he was surrounded by 4 llamas, 1 alpaca, a donkey, a fat mini horse and a baaaaaaing goat! The llamas sniffed the canes, gave him a ‘yuck’ look and walked away disappointed. Laci grabbed hers, happily trotting back to the barn knowing she got one. Dillon baaaaed until he got two, and Dunkay? Well, he pulled on chads jacket, circled him like a shark and then knocked all the Christmas candy canes out of his hands. Chad and the donkey scrambled to get the candy laying on the wet ground. Super Farmer was on his knees yelling at Dunkay to ‘STOOOOOOOP’…the donkey acting like a vacuum cleaner sucking up the candy. Chad lost it all! Chad got up, wiped off his now wet and snowy knees the best he could, and angrily stomped out the gate as his Santa ball swung back and forth. He walked past me without making eye contact because he knew I was hollering with laughter inside my head. I was a bad wifey, I gave a thumbs up to Dunkay who nodded back at me in victory! Hahahahahaha!


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