Animals and the warm spot!

Yep, its colder outside. This is the time when the llamas are fighting with Dunkay and Laci for the warm spot inside the barn. But!!! Guess who had it when I walked in there this morning? Yep…you guessed it! Remi the stubby little pot bellied pig! She got out of her pen…again…and headed straight for the coveted spot! The large animals were in a semi circle staring at the pig who seemed to be daring them to come near the now named, ‘Remi Corner’!! As soon as they saw me, they galloped over. I was surrounded by the natives with grunts, whinnies, hee haws, and other eerie sounds that belong on the twilight zone! I put my hand up in the air, palm facing out and let out a loud, “SHHHHHHHHHHH”. They stopped what they were doing, stared at me and I could hear their thoughts…’ Well? Are you getting rid of that creature? Why can’t daddy make that creatures pen stronger? Why did you get that creature anyway? Well?’

I assured them that I will get her out of the warm spot with the condition that they take turns standing in it, a limit of 30 minutes per animal, they let Dillon the old goat get a turn, no complaing, no tattling, no fighting, and that they all make an effort to accept the pig by making her feel loved, like she’s part of the family! I had them until I said the word accept. They shook their heads and started in with the grunts. I pushed my way through the furry bodies that out weigh me, to coax the pig back into her pen, only to find that the goat was nestled up with her sharing the warm spot. I pointed my finger at the cozy twosome and told the llamas, horse and donkey that THIS is what I’m talking about! Love in the barn!


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