Dirty winter coat.

So, I had to go home to pick up something I forgot before I went to Wal-Mart and found our pig outside where she wasn’t suppose to be. I chased her around, got her inside the barn, and got surrounded by starving animals, turkeys, chickens, cats and something furry that I didn’t reconize. Of course I was wearing my good white winter coat. After coaxing the escaped pig with food while pushing Dunkay, Laci, Dillon the old goat, turkeys and other various critters out of my way who were taking turns trying to knock the cup of grain out of my hand…my expensive,white jacket got baptised in barn smells along with icky animal stuff…you know…stuff. So I dropped off my nice, not so white anymore, winter coat to the dry cleaners. I put it on the counter so the nice lady could take it. She looked at it, scrunched her nose a bit, stepped back, looked at me with narrowed eyes, and said, “are you sure you don’t want to just throw it away and buy a new one”? I said, “no, I really like this use to be white, swede coat”. She picked it up the way you would a dirty diaper…with two fingers, carrying it at arms length to the back. Gosh…just because it was caked with hay, sticks, donkey fur, goat slobber, a couple of turkey feathers, along with spots that are not from humans, and smelled like a llama-donkey-horse-goat-pig barn, doesn’t mean it can’t be cleaned. Of course, after she left, I quickly wiped off the counter that was now filled with hay, feathers and fur.


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