The first snow flake!

Well…the first ‘sorta snowfall’ was this morning. Chicken Soup ran from the barn and planted himself under my bedroom window and COCK-A-DOODLE-DOOOOOOOOOOD until he saw me shaking my fist at him through the curtains. He didn’t want me to miss this season’s first snow flakes floating around! He strutted off to chase a turkey or two and I grumpily got up to make coffee and check the internet for new recipes for meaty soup. I sat on the couch with my growling Chihuahua and decided to look out the picture window to make sure all llamas were behaving themselves. Well, they were excitedly chasing snow flakes. Lincoln chased a flake past Sammie who was running in the opposite direction chasing his own flake as Sweetie stood there with her head turned toward the heavens, her tongue out catching flakes. Violet doesn’t like snow, so she was in the barn hiding…claiming the only warm spot. I thought to myself ‘oh good, they’ll be occupied all morning’. Yep…they all like the first couple of snowfalls….after that, they hide in the barn and fight with the donkey for the only warm spot as Dillon loudly baaaaaaaaaas because nobody will let him anywhere near the toasty corner with all the hay! Yep, I can’t wait for winter. I better make sure Super Farmer has a new pair of winter boots because I’m already making excuses why I can’t go out to the barn for the next 4 months. Come to think of it, that thought makes me almost anticipate the blistering cold and blowing to come!


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