Kyle babysits the animals

Well, it’s sale day and we all know what that means! My son Kyle comes to babysit all of God’s creatures, big and small, who live here on the farm. I’m thankful he even showed up this time. He wouldn’t talk to me for a full week after his last babysitting job here at the farm, and when I did get him to come back over for a visit, he trembled at the mere mention of Dunkay’s name and narrowed his eyes at me when I talked about the llamas. I had to bribe him with extra money and the promise to put Dunkay in the far back pasture that he can’t get out of (fingers crossed). Right now Kyle is eating a huge country farm breakfast for lots of energy and fuel for when that donkey escapes and chases the llamas which will make all 4 spit at every animal especially Dillon because he’s old and won’t be able to get out of their way, who will then BAAAAAAAAA so loud and long that the turkeys will get irritated to the point that they will peck at the chickens, who will flap their wings at the ducks because they know they hate that, who will take out their frustration on the barn kitties, who will fight each other and screech inside the barn that amplifies it to a horrible sound that will scare the neighborhood kids to the point they cry and run to mommy, who will then call the cops because it sounds like somebody is being tortured! (taking breath!) So I’m sure that within an hour after I leave, the cops will show up with their guns drawn, lurking around the house! Kyle will have to come out of the house with his arms raised high over his head and explain that it isn’t him…its that ‘thing’ over there in the pasture chasing everyone. I’m sure the nice police men will put down their weapons, wrap a sympathetic arm around my son and reassure him that the donkey will settle down in 3 or 4 hours…after all, every police officer within 50 miles, knows all about Dunkay and what he’s capable of. I think Dunkay has a mug shot at the LP station…heck, they probably throw darts at his pic! Yep, Kyle is going to have lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of fun!!!


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