My morning

So…this morning I got up way to early because C.S. was bored and needed to crow loud and long so he could annoy every living creature within 6 miles. I went outside to throw one of chads farm boots at him when I noticed the ground was covered in frost. It was beautiful! Just glistening in the sun that was trying to break through the clouds. So I ran back inside, grabbed Lil Red, and ran back outside before it melted. I sprinted towards Sammie and Sweetie, my red puppy dog robe flapping behind me as Biscuit trotted alongside me. Both llamas looked up, saw me coming, and moved to the side so that crazy farm lady could safely run between them. I said “thanks guys” out of the side of my mouth as I glanced at Sammie standing there with a mouthful of frozen grass. I went out the gate, searched for something pretty to take a pic of, when I noticed a neighbor walking past with a pup. Of course, all could’ve been fine if Biscuit hadn’t seen them. He ran to the fence acting like a rabid dog which made the man and pup stop and look my way. Mr Neihbor saw me, and waved. I ducked behind a tree, loudly whispered at Biscuit to shut up, and waited for the street to be empty again so I could find my next pic! I found my tiny flowers encased in ice, snapped a few pics, looked to see if the coast was clear to run back to the house, when a jogger came down the street. He nodded at me as he went past. Biscuit followed him along the fence acting like a maniac which gave me enough time to escape back to my house before anyone else came walking, jogging, or driving by!

I hope you all enjoyed the pics!


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