Praying over chickens

so…I found the hens hiding under a bush today with one of the turkeys sitting next to it, like she was protecting them. I got the bright idea to pray some protection over them. I closed my eyes, stretched out my hand and started to pray out loud. I opened my eyes half way through to make sure they were still there so I wasn’t praying over a bush. I saw that they were staring at me, so I paused for a moment wondering if I should keep going. They looked at each other, cocked their heads, looked back at me and blinked. I thought good, they’re paying attention so I started back up…with my eyes open. After 2.6 seconds, they got up one by one and walked away until it was just me and the turkey. I said “amen”, she nodded her head like she understood, and strutted away. Well, at least one of them appericatied my love and effort.


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