Hay Day!

Its hay day! Today hay man comes, bringing 120 bales of mouth watering, delicious bales of fresh, green hay for the natives to munch on this winter. Hay day is always fun because as soon as they see the truck coming down the lane with their breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next 5 months swaying on the back of the wagon, they get downright giddy! The llamas do a little dance, Laci whinnies loud and long, Dunkay runs around the pasture like a mad man kicking his back hooves up into the air, and Dillon…well he just stands there with his eyes glazed over, drooling. Me…I always say a prayer that it gets here safely. I’m always amazed that it doesn’t fall off with it being piled a 1/2 mile high strapped down with a couple of thin ropes. So around 10:30 this morning, we’re going to have breakfast/lunch/dinner delivered…farm style!


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