Chasing hawks

Super Farmer loves his chickens! He was sitting in his car for a few minutes after getting home, kinda relaxing, watching the chickens peck around the car when a red tail hawk swooped down and tried to grab one of the hens for lunch. Thankfully it missed and slammed into the side of the car. It gathered itself and flew up into our Maple tree in the back yard. The birds ran to me for protection, so I stood over them like a mother hen. Chad got out of the car, grabbed a hatchet laying near by and ran after that hawk yelling and waving that big old hatchet at it. The hawk looked at him funny then flew off into our other big tree with Chad chasing it. Chad got under the tree showed Mr Hawk the hatchet and promised it bodily harm if it ever comes near his chickens again. The hawk shook its feathers and flew to the big pine with Super Farmer chasing it with his weapon of war! I think he chased it to every tree on the farm. Last I saw he was running through the bean field with the hatchet swinging above his head as the hawk flew to its home in the woods behind us. From now on, chippie only goes out to potty with an escort.


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