Singing to llamas

I have a song that I sing to the llamas. Its very annoying, but I like it…its what I do. Any who…whenever I see the darlings, I ‘sing’ my song so they know I’m near, or that I’m coming. Most of the time, they will look up at me. Other times, they ignore me and roll their eyes. I wonder what they think when I’m singing to them. I can just hear them whispering to each other saying things like…

“here she comes again making that loud screeching noise”, do you think she’s sick? I wonder why she does that, are we suppose to come to her or run? I think we should run, no wait, doesn’t she give us food after her screeching? That’s right, she does…I think we should walk towards her. You guys go, I don’t trust a human that sounds like that. Gosh, I hope the neighbors don’t hear her!”

Yep, that’s probably what they say to each other!


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