Farm sounds!

have you ever wondered what it sounds like to walk past our farm? I feel bad for the many folks who walk their pups, jog or just want to enjoy a nice peaceful walk down a country road. Ha!!

Chad and I were sitting this morning drinking our coffee trying to come up with life solutions, when all three dogs raced out the back door to the front fence, barking like there were bandits trying to break in! Lincoln our alpaca was standing at the fence screaming out his warning! Then the goats started in with a loud, annoying Baaaaaa! I looked out the window to witness three dogs barking as they ran back and forth along the fence line and two goats standing close by, loudly Bleating! I opened the window and yelled for everyone to SHUT UP!!! That’s when I saw an older gentlman trying to walk his pooch past the farm. The poor guy, he was trying to control his own dog from leaping towards the fence as my unruly mutts barked, jumped, growled and knocked each other over while the goats stood there baaaaing and stomping their feet as the alpaca did his ‘war cry’! And of course, there’s me, yelling out the window!! Oh my gosh….how embarrassing! He struggled to get past the farm as the 4 dogs barked at each other. I closed the window, pulled the curtain over it and hid until he was well out of sight! I’m sure he and his dog will take another route from now own!


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