I noticed the llamas were looking at me strange, which isn’t new, but they seemed to be studying me. So I asked, “excuse me? Is there a problem”? They blinked a couple of times, glanced at each other, and seemed to shrug their shoulders. I put my hands up like, ‘what???’ They went back to eating and I went back to filling up the bird bath. When I was done, I looked up to see that 3 out of the 4 llamas was back to staring at me. I scratched my head, turned around to go back to the house when I figured it out. I was humming. I’m always humming. Ever since I was a little girl, I hummed. I hum when I do house work, I hum when I’m shopping, I hum when the dentist is drilling away, I hum when I feed the animals, read, shower, sleep…I hum! So I went back by the llamas and started to hum. They stopped eating, looked up at me again and stared. Yep, that was it. So…I’m not sure if they like my humming or if it freaks them out. Doesn’t matter, I can’t stop the music that needs to come out of my brain…I gotta hum. Maybe I should call myself the ‘humming llama lady’!


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