Dunkay and the garage sale!

Okay…I’m not kidding. Chad and were negotiating a price with a young lady, when an elderly gentleman came up to us and said, “ummm, excuse me, but your donkey is eating your blinds”. We both looked over to see that he stuck his head through the barn door that we thought was blocked, grabbed some vintage window blinds out of the box, and was standing on one as another was hanging out of his mouth while he chewed away. Chad grabbed the blind, did the famous Dunkay tug of war game as the elderly man was giving chad advice about what angle pull without ripping the cloth blind. By the time chad got the now ruined shade out of the donkeys mouth, there was a small crowd gathered around him watching the show! He gave one good pull and it was free! The folks clapped, Dunkay bowed, the old man shook his head mumbling about how chad should’ve listened to him, and I gave chad a love pat! such fun!!


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