Missing goat

I had to do my barn duties before Lil Red and I went to the lakes. So I went on out to feed, water, chase and yell at animals, only to find Sierra, my mountain goat standing in the pasture, next to the open gate, Baaaaaaaaing loud and long. I looked around for Dillon because goats are like ‘two peas in a pod’….a Pete and repeat, ding and dong….you know, always together. I asked my mountain goat where her side kick was, and she just looked at me with worry in her beady yellow eye slits. I told her not to worry, he has to be here somewhere. So Sierra and I searched the barn…. No Dillon. Searched the back pasture….no Dillon….we searched the yard where the llamas were munching, helping to keep our yard trimmed. No Dillion. I looked down at my black and white mountain goat who has been two steps behind me this whole time, and said, “oh oh…he’s gone”! I swear she understood me because she bleated out a long sad cry. I looked around the yard as my heart was quickly filling with concern, when I heard a loud banging inside the garage. Really? He’s in the garage?? I opened the door, yelled out his name as mountain goat baaaaaa’d behind me, again. Dillon came strolling out! Both goats ran to each other, circled around like they were dancing, touched noses and trotted off to the barn side by side. He was stuck in there all night. I haven’t gone inside the garage yet to asses the damage. I’m pretty sure the cat food and bird seed is gone.
Oh brother! Can I go to the lake now!!??



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