Doctor time!

I went see my doc today because I have this spot on my back. Its kinda brown, rough and just plain ol yucky. Better to be safe than sorry and have my new beauty mark checked out. So…I go in and he looks at it with a special magnifying glass with a little light. He’s squeezing it, feeling it, and under his breath I can hear, ‘ hummmmmm’. To me, ‘hummmmmm’ is not a good sign. I can feel my blood pressure go up, images of my ‘will’ come to mind along with a scalpel, operating tables, family crying at my bedside…you know…fear. Finaly he straightens up, looks me in the eye, takes a deep breath as I hold mine, and says, “barnacle”. Huh? Isn’t that what you find on the back of whales? Under boats? Barnacle?
I say, “excuse me, my hearing must be going bad…what”?? He repeats himself, “barnacle, nothing to worry about”. My brain isn’t comperhending just yet so I say something silly like, “but I never swim in the lakes”! He rolls his eyes, shakes his head and gives me the medical term for it which is worse than ‘barnacle’! All I can do is agree with him and demand assusrance that it won’t spread to my face. Dr Alexander must love hearing that the crazy llama lady is back again with her goofy questions and worries. God bless him!


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