Fun with my mother

Fun with my mother! I was at Clear lake taking pics by the barricades, when I get a phone call from the LP police dept. Ever notice how your hair stands up on end when the voice on the other end of the phone says, “this is the police dept”…one’s heart automatically skips a beat as thoughts of accidents and jail fly through your mind. She asks if it’s me and I hesitate wondering if I should admit it as I frantically think of all the things I did wrong the last 50+ years that might be catching up with me! I give in because now I’m curious. She said there is an officer with my mother, her car won’t start. She told me they’re on Truesdale, silly me, I ask, “where is that”?…hello…I’m on the other side of the lake! She tells me and the dim light bulb suddenly gets brighter! Duh…I’m right there! I look across the lake and see blue lights flashing and asked the nice dispatcher if the officers would have their squad car lights on. She replys yes, and I say, “yep, I see them”. I thank her for not giving me bad news and go rescue my mother on the other side.
I get there and there are 2 squad cars with flashing lights, 4 police officers, 20 cars slowly going past trying to see who’s getting arrested, 5 or 6 gawkers standing across the street with their cell phones out filming the whole thing in case there’s ‘trouble’ and an elderly lady with a cane in the middle of it all…my mother.
I pull up behind the pretty blue lights, get out and walk up to an officer under the hood of my moms car. I stand next him looking at an engine that I know nothing about and ask him what’s wrong. Nobody knows. The car won’t start. Suddenly, a couple of the nice young men smile at me and ask if I’m the one who takes all the pics…my proud mother jumps in and answers for me and tells them all about my pics and whole life starting the day I was born. They kindly nod their heads and back away trying to get to their cars. Two escaped and drove away. Finally, she runs out of breath and needs to sit down. I take this opportunity to call the tow truck and ask the nice young man who patiently listened to my mom brag about her baby, what he thought was wrong. He showed me an oil leak. Not good. The tow truck gets there and now we have to empty her car of her earthly treasures that she can’t live without. So, I’m gathering up 2 canes, magazines, Kleenex box, candy, make up, purse, boxes of who knows what, and other trinkets that I won’t ask my mother about because, quite frankly, I’m scared to know what they are and why! I get all her things gathered and start to walk away when she loudly says, “Nancy, you forgot the pads I bought for you”! I look back and she’s waving in the air, a box of OPENED feminine mini pads. The officers turn red and advert their eyes and I am now mortified! I say, “MOM”!! She looks at me confused and says, “What, I thought you needed these”! I quickly walk back to her, grab the box, stuck it under my shirt and walked back to my Jeep as a car with Addie Acres fans drive by waving and smiling at me.


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