Jammie day on the farm

Since I’m not feeling well today, I thought I would relax and do nothing…having a jammie day. My whole day was perfect. I checked on the natives in the pasture by going the back way so nobody would see me in my llama PJ’s. Everyone was in their own pastures enjoying the cooler weather. The birds were good, they left each other alone which means they still have their feathers. Of course Mr C.S. (short for chicken soup), crowed as soon as he saw me and hasn’t stopped since. Chippie has only growled 100 times instead of his usual 200. Biscuit teased chippie only 100 times instead of his normal 200…which of course is why chippie growls. Bouncer threw up only twice. The kitty’s have left my nice lazy boy chair alone, so no new loose threads. The frog has been entertaining everybody by swimming back and forth whenever he sees movement in front of his cozy home, which is every 3.9 seconds with dogs chasing cats, cats chasing dogs, me chasing dogs and cats, and scooting a goat out of the house. I only found 5 stink bugs in my room today instead 80. And, my mommy came over to see how I was doing. I don’t care how old you are, if your not feeling well and your mother comes to check on you and does her sweet baby talk, (because they can’t help it), it makes you feel better! All in all, its been a good jammie day! Gosh I almost feel good enough to go out and take pics…nah, I’m going to vegetate and watch Judge Judy and wait for Super Farmer to make me dinner!


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