Farm animals and summer heat.

I am ready for this hot weather to be over! It makes the animals super duper grumpy! I dread going to the barn. I go out there to check on the llamas and they surround me, glaring at me! They squint at me, then jerk their heads upward towards the sky…like, ‘well, when are you going to cool off this weather?! Can’t you see our thick heavy fur? You think its easy walking around in this hot miserable sunshine like this? When’s it gonna cool down?!’
I try to explain I can’t control the outside temp, but I can tell they’re not buying it. Then Dunkay and Laci trot up, push the llamas to the side (which makes them spit at the intruders) who also glare at me with ‘hello, can’t you see we have our winter coats already? You think we got ready for 90+ degree weather because we like to suffer??!! When is it going to snow??!!’ Again, I explain that I only control the food, not the weather. Nobody is believing me. All I can see is glaring eyes and hooves pawing at the dusty hot dirt. I slowly back away with promises of extra grain and an apple or two.
Yep, they’re miserable out there and so am I, because now I have to deal with their bad attitudes until it cools down!


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