Chickens hate stink bugs too!

Its official! All birds hate stink bugs and refuse to eat them. I was sweeping off my back porch of empty seed shells and various animal fur clumps, when I saw one of ‘those things’ crawling towards my open door. I raced it to the opening, took my broom and swept it towards one of the hens that was chasing the dust bunnies (she must of been bored)…she saw what she thought to be a plump tasty bug coming her way and jumped up to get it. She got it alright, a beak full of yuck! She spit it out, shook her head a few times and ran to the bucket of water to wash that nasty taste out of her mouth. I was disappointed. I thought the chickens would eat them, helping me to keep them out of my house. But noooooooo…even the birds won’t touch them.


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