Farmers and Duct tape!

0h, and to add to my Monday on a Friday…the tire to our riding lawn mower fell OFF! Yes, that’s right…off. And what does my farmer husband do?? He DUCT TAPED it back on! Uh huh, that’s what I said,…duct taped it back on. Did it work? Nooooooooo!! It fell off within 2 feet of trying to get it back to the barn. So the tractor sits outside our fence with the tire half on with duct tape all over it. Kinda like our Addie Acres sign chad fixed…with duct tape to keep it on the post. What is it with duct tape and farmers…men?? Tire fell off…duct tape it back on! Sign fell down? Duct tape it to the post! Boot bLew out? Duct tape it back together? Barn hose has a hole? Duct tape it (which by the way, did not stop it from leaking) to stop the water flow. Water bin has a crack? Duct tape it…that doesn’t work either. Mirror on car coming off? Duct tape it back on. Need to buy a new halter for the llamas? Heck no..make them a new one with duct tape. Duct tape the chicken water bucket to the fence, duct tape the birds roosting perch back up, duct tape the ducks turtle sand box, duct tape my swing, duct tape the dog toy back together, duct tape the barn door, duct tape the hens broken wing…etc! Whenever I feel bored, I buy Super Farmer a double roll of duct tape, and watch him lite up with a million ideas of things that he can fix! Soon he’s off and running around the farm looking for something, anything, that’s need to be fixed with ugly gray tape. I did however, put my foot down when he wanted to fix my pretty stained glass wind chimes with duct tape. I glued it back together and it looks brand new. I’m going out soon to hide his duct tape halter that he made for Sammie before he trys it out on him, and make his fur permanently sticky. Sheeeeeesh!


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