Early morning turkey chase

I love farm life! I woke up early this morning daydreaming about 101 different ways to fix chicken that I can threaten the rooster with. I slowly got of bed, stretched at the same time as my big, handsome Pitbull named Biscuit, flung back the curtain to check the naughties out in the field when I spotted something chasing my turkeys through the fog. My very first thought was, ‘why can’t I ever have a normal morning’??!! So I keep looking and its Super Farmer in his nice pants, dress shirt and tie chasing a couple of turkeys with his arms out stretched past the barn and towards the gate that he left open. You would think after all these years living with Dunkay, you would know that you never, ever, never, leave the gate open! I was in a real dilema…I wanted to run and get my camera, but I didn’t want to leave and miss the show! After all, I could see Dunkay galloping from the very back pasture towards that gate. Its like he has gate radar…he could be 10 miles away and his ears will perk up the very second that a human hand is touching that latch! So….in the fog, I have a dressed up husband, a couple of white turkeys blending in the fog, and a donkey racing towards a small opening. The fun part is that chad doesn’t know he’s trying to out run a donkey yet! Oh how I wish my camera wasn’t downstairs! The four of them get to the gate at the same time. Super Farmer is now yelling at the donkey who is clearly ignoring him as the turkeys turn around and go back to the place where chad doesn’t want them! Dunkay got his head through the gate and Super Farmer got his body between the gate and the donkey pushing him back into the field. Human wins!! Except the turkeys are no where to be seen. I take this moment to run downstairs to find my camera in case chad decides to go after the birds again because an agitated donkey is now pacing in front of the gate. Chad stomps into the house because he has to change is pants that is now spotted with wet donkey fur and a few feathers. I cheerliy said, “good morning hon, off to a good start are we”? He glared at me without saying a word and changed his clothes. I swear one of these days we’re going to install cameras all over this farm so I can record this stuff. Until then, I’ll enjoy my coffee on the back porch and watch a couple of turkeys frolicking in the forbidden pasture as Dunkay walks back and forth in front of the gate plotting his next move against Super Farmer.


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