Juggling Cats

Does anyone else play ‘juggle the cats’ when you eat? Every night when chad and I sit down to have dinner, usually in front of the T.V., we do our nightly game called ‘juggle the cat’s’. We sit down and the first thing we do is cover our milk with a clean napkin with a book on top to keep out unwanted tongues and dirty paws. We then put our plate full of delicious food that no kitty can resist close to our face. This is when the fun starts. We both have a drooling dog or two sitting as close to us as they possibly can without being pushed away. I have Golden King watching every bite I take, Chad has Misty Blue staring him down. After 2 or 3 bites, both cats get brave and inch closer, paws twitching, whiskers being licked, tails swishing back and forth. Then bam…they both attack at the same time! Golden King now has his paw on my fork and Misty has her face in chads food! This is where the game of juggling comes in. I grab the cat and toss him towards chad, at the same time, he is tossing his annoying cat towards me. Two cats passing each other in the air as three dog heads go back and forth as if watching a tennis match! I now have Misty and Chad has Golden King. I grab her before her mouth wraps around my food and toss her back to Chad as he struggles to get his fork out of Golden Kings mouth. He free’s his fork, grabs the chewing cat, and tosses him back my way. If I’m lucky, I can gobble down a couple if bites before a cat lands at my feet. This is how we eat our dinner. Bite, toss, gobble down, grab fur, toss again, take another fast bite, toss, and so on! Yep, that’s how we farmers eat with our critters!


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