Yep, he crows on Purpose

I woke up way to early this morning and couldn’t fall back to sleep. The sun was just peeking above the trees, so I pulled back my curtain to see if it was worth going outside to take a few pics. As I was gazing out the window doing the, ‘yes-no-yes-no’ argument in my mind, I saw a brown thing run out of the barn as fast as it could to the fence, flap over it and bee lined it to my bedroom window, parked itself 15″ away from the house, looked up, puffed out its chest, stretched out its neck, closed its eyes, and SCREAMED, “cock-a-dooooooodle-doooooooo”! I’m standing at the window looking down at this annoying little bird with my mouth hanging open thinking, ‘I knew it! He does this on purpose!’ I shook my fist at him and made the promise of his worst nightmare coming true…chicken soup! All he saw was his favorite human in the window waving, saying good morning to him. He proudly ruffled his feathers and strutted to the back yard. Me…I sat down on the bed trying to decide if I should plan for chicken soup tonight or tomorrow. The mood to maybe take pics left.


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