Bowling ball chickens!

Okay, this was funny and very entertaining!  I was sitting in my big comfy chair with the front door open so I could watch the storm roll in this morning… After all, I am a weather watcher. There are 4 hens that hang together in our yard and they were strolling past the front walk when the wind blew in before the rain.  The gust was strong enough to knock two of the hens off their feet and roll them into the other two like a bowling ball! They all fell over and scrambled to get back on their feet while tangled up. It was great! After they got up, all four RAN to the nearest bush for shelter. Of course the bush wasn’t big enough for 4 full grown chickens, so the pecking fight began for the small space which resulted in them fighting, squawking, and pecking in the middle of the sidewalk as it poured. The ding bats ended up getting soaked because they couldn’t figure out how to find a bigger bush to hide under!


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