Direct tv pays a visit!

So…we had the Direct TV guys come out to switch us over and they both got to meet our animals. This is their addie acres experience…

Worker #1 comes through the gate only to be greeted by a 90 lb pitbull running full speed towards him. Like most folks when they see a big dog coming at them, they quickly turn around to go back through the gate whether it’s open or not. He got on the other side of the fence and waited for us next to the truck, fingers curled around the handle, to get Biscuit back inside the house.

Worker #1 is now safely in the yard as worker #2 follows with his tool box and new satellite dish. They both walked to the back area to set up the new dish where they meet Dillon the goat who is convinced they have treats for him. Dillon wiggled himself between the guys and BAAAAAAAA’S loud and long. I saw worker #1 rubbing his chin trying to figure out how to get the goat to move as he stared at worker #2 who was backing away from the goat in fear (must of never been close to one before). Chad gets Dillon back to his own pasture so the guys can get to work. We know their addie acres experience isn’t over yet, it has just begun! So we sit on the back porch to watch the show! Yep…here come the ducks. They waddle up to the men quacking. The guys ignore the annoying birds and keep working. Within minutes, 4 chickens and 2 large turkeys run up surrounding them because there is fresh dirt being dug up which means worms! Two guys, 3 ducks, 4 hens, 2 large turkeys in one small area.
Worker #2 goes into the house to rewire our basement where he meets a huge pitbull and a tiny growling Chihuahua. He walks sideways, shuffling past the dogs as I assure him that they’re all bark and no bite (my fingers are crossed behind my back). He nods at me with a sly smile and keeps walking sideways with his arms out. After he safely made it to the basement, I run to the window to see how worker #1 is doing. After all. I don’t want to miss anything good! He is kneeling on the ground working on the base when Sammie the llama sneaks over to look over his shoulder to see what he’s doing! After all, there are 3 ducks, 2 large turkeys, and 4 hens surrounding him picking at the fresh dirt he’s digging up…so there must be something exciting going on! Worker #1 is concentrating and doesn’t notice the llama a mere inch away from the back of his neck. Worker #2 just happened to walk out the back door at that moment, and freaked out because in his mind, he sees a dangerous animal about to bite the head of his partner! He yells “WATCH OUT” which made worker #1 fall backward, Sammie jumped into the air as all the birds squawked, quacked, wings flapping, feathers flying, and Chad running towards them! Such fun!


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